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Vydyne® Anti-Vibration Technology

Electric vehicles are changing how we move. They’re also changing what we hear. Instead of the rumble of an engine, EV motors, gears and accessories emit a high-frequency noise; creating a new NVH challenge for automakers.

The tools car designers use to dampen noise, vibration and harshness max out at around 300 Hz. In an EV, the sound frequency is 10 times higher, between 3,000 and 4,000 Hz. Luckily, we’ve designed the ideal solution.

Our award winning AVS technology is designed to dramatically dampen high-frequency vibration without adding weight or complexity. The broad portfolio of tunable grades allows you to find the optimal balance of damping and mechanical performance by operating temperature.

The lightweight solution to easily reduce NVH

Introducing our Vydyne® Anti-Vibration System: it’s a sound idea.

Specifically designed to dampen noise, vibrations and harshness while providing you with enough rigidity for EV vehicle structure, Vydyne® AVS cuts cabin sound and reduces part weight. Our AVS technology outperforms traditional PA66 when it comes to vibrations, especially at higher frequencies like those found in EV motors.

Using Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), our application engineers work with you to select the best grade for your application balancing your damping, operating temperature and mechanical requirements.

The lightweight solution to easily reduce NVH

84% improvement in cabin noise

40% weight reduction compared to aluminium

Significant improvement of tan delta, especially at high frequencies

Your everyday technology partner.

Ascend Structural Test Platform

We’ve designed a new platform and method to physically validate FEA-predicted resonance as well as durability and maximum load. Our expert team is ready to support you with CAE, mold flow analysis, NVH testing, thermal cycling simulation and material, science and process support.

We have many computer-aided engineering tools that allow us to work together effortlessly to achieve successful application development.

Our new Anti-Vibration System technology is cutting the noise.

Elevate your electric vehicle experience with Vydyne® Anti-Vibration Technology. Our cutting-edge solution seamlessly reduces high-frequency vibrations, leaving you with a smooth, whisper-quiet ride. We compared Vydyne AVS to similar materials so you can see the superior performance for yourself. For real time, slow motion and complete technical details, view the full test.

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